Portuguese Brasil & Portugal


I created three translations for Portuguese in weblate :slight_smile:

Because I only created one at first (my bad and my apologies for the trouble), strings started to be translated in the Portuguese.

Maybe the Portuguese is ambiguous and should not be used. In which case I can move all the translated strings to the appropriate translation (either Portuguese Brasil or Portuguese Portugal).

Please let me know what is the best course of action.


@dachary I think one option is to take the existing translations (considering they are few strings) and upload them for both Portuguese options. Then the reviewer can be sure that the translations fit Portuguese and Brazilian grammatical and vocabulary preferences in the review process. Looking at the translations as a non-native speaker, they don’t look very biased in either direction at this point.

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That sounds like a sane advice, thank you :slight_smile: I’ll do that during the week-end unless someone objects in the next 24h.

It’s done, pt was copied to pt_PT and pt_BR

And 6 years later this happens again :laughing:. Looks like the Portuguese (Portugal) translations were put under the Portuguese language and not Portuguese Portugal for the securedrop-client. Can this be moved to PT_pt? @dachary

And to prevent further mistakes in 6 years from now (?), could the “Portuguese” language be removed?