Portuguese review for 0.5.1

Bonjour @btonasse,

You were quick to translate the update strings, thank you ! If @communia does not object, I propose to mark all strings as Approved to record the fact that the current translations are good.

What do you think ?

P.S. Note that the Approved feature is something new and I’ll be happy to explain more if you’d like.

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@dachary and @erinm , I’m sorry, but as I’m a newcomer (even though I’ve been on the team for almost a year or so…) I’m confused about the translations that are allotted in Transifex that differ from here. Well, when I got to see translations in tarnsifex, as I said in the google forum, many were wrong in terms of syntax, spelling and especially technical terms. But if you think they are good, okay, you decide. The variation of meaning and spelling of my language is complex and has several nuances… I do not know who translated, I do not know anyone on the team, so I cannot even exchange information about translations with little meaning, besides, there are many translations for review. So, I’m really lost here, I wish I could help more, but I’m feeling limited & knowing where I start.

@Cypher-Znnb I’m confused because you mention Transifex and SecureDrop is not in transifex, at all. The portuguese translations are Portugual in progress and Brasil complete.

I’m curious about the SecureDrop Transifex thing you found :wink:

@dachary Tor Project - translation in Brazilian-Portuguese:
The Tor Project - Transifex

I did not mention that secureDrop was allocated in Transifex, I said that there are translation differences between the two. I briefly translated two names that were to be corrected and they were suggested in a translation by @erinm. So I could correct them. Follow the two links:


Transifex is no longer accessible? Or have all translations been transferred to Webplate? I’m just accessing all the translations from the past week. Can I help with the translation review?

I’m still getting used to the panel.

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Hello @Cypher-Znnb,

Sorry for not responding sooner in the Localization Lab discussion forum. Happy to have you as a contributor with your experience. I will be able to respond fully on Monday regarding Tor Project on Transifex and introduce you to other collaborators in the Portuguese projects and give more guidance. The Tor Project in Transifex is in need of review, as you noted, however the SecureDrop translations have been reviewed.

Again, sorry for the delay and I’ll be able to answer questions and discuss on Monday.



Hello @Cypher-Znnb
Thank you for your interest in helping with translation. I would be happy to discuss about the translation of Tor with you, as I am currently translating it. Please, feel free to share your thoughts here, on my email: ameaneantie@riseup.net or to message me on Transifex. You’ll find me under the username ‘communia’ there, and I am part of the Tor community for PT-BR.
Best regards