Preparation for the SecureDrop tool showcase


Here is what is expected of us in preparation for the SecureDrop tool showcase. Since we do not have a user with us, we get 8 minutes to talk about SecureDrop.

Please take a moment to go through the resources and assets we’re going to need to make sure that your presentation rocks.

  • A good, high res or vector, transparent background of your tools logo (for devs)/organisation logo (for implementors) OK
  • bullet points that you’d like to see on the slide deck (they provide a shared etherpad which should not be made public but just ask me and I’ll send it to you).
  • A paragraph (or two) with your presentation
  • (Optional, but very welcome) a high res, inspiring image


I asked Harlo if she is willing to present. If she does not I’ll prepare the text/bullet point assuming I will do it.

Good news … Harlo agrees to present. She is now in contact with the organization to tosrt out the details. :tada:

For the record, Harlo’s first draft for bullet points / paragraphs:

  • Ensure technical anonymity between sources and journalists
  • Leverages technologies like Tor, Tails, and other open-source software
  • Familiarizes newsroom staff with other important concepts, like airgapping, credential security, digital privacy, and source protection

Securedrop is Freedom of the Press Foundation’s flagship whistleblowing platform. Currently in use in upwards of 30 newsrooms worldwide, the system minimizes a potential source’s exposure to technical surveillance when contacting journalists with urgent information. SD servers and submitted data are entirely housed within newsrooms themselves, and are under their complete control.

Mastering Securedrop admittedly takes training and practice. Participating newsrooms are guided in using the Tails operating system, learning fundamentals of digital security, as well as how to better manage metadata and other techniques integral to effective source protection. FPF strives to instill these values within newsrooms, whether they actively use Securedrop or not; these techniques can and should be used even under extreme circumstances, and presents a huge win for upping your news staff’s overall digital security game.