Problems trying to PKI-Validation for onion EV certificate

I tried to create the PKI-Validation that DigiCert use to validate the EV Certificate but I got a problem because the tXT file that they send to me is´nt available in our app server.

Please help me to make it available to DigiCert.



Hi @gese can you confirm you attempted these steps?

From the Admin Workstation, SSH to the Application Server

$ ssh app

Edit the validation txt file with content the CA provides.

$ sudo vi /var/www/securedrop/.well-known/pki-validation.html

Note that the file content of the .txt file be inside the pki-validation.html. That is, copy and paste the file contexts from the .txt file and paste it into a file named pki-validation.html at that location.

If you have additional issues, please reach out to us again.

Freddy Martinez

The change the way to validate the server.

This is what DigiCert send it to me:

Hello Juan Carlos,

I am trying to validate your certificate order for d66dfkvt6ycasrnp.onion and I need your help with just one thing:

I apologize for the confusion in my last email. We need to have to include the following information in a prectical demonstration for the .onion domain you requested.

To confirm you have control of the following domains, we need you to set up a web page at each url listed that we can access. Each page should contain the provided token.

domain: d66dfkvt6ycasrnp.onion
url: http://d66dfkvt6ycasrnp.onion/.well-known/pki-validation/5b66667777788888888999990000000.txt
token: 1111111111111111111111111111111

Once we verify this, we will move to the next step of the EV validation process.