Reconsidering string freeze

Hi @redshiftzero
I think we can say without any doubt that the string freeze was a failure because:

  • I forgot you had one pending PR before sending all updates
  • typos were discovered
  • this week-end hackaton changed a few strings

Thankfully this was a trial run and we don’t have to pay the price of that failure :wink: I propose we just hold off updating the translations until after release/0.4.4 is branched. Then the translations will be updated and we’ll have time to think about ways to successfully do a string freeze before the next release.

We learnt one thing: translators are very responsive.

What do you think ?

Yeah, you’re right it didn’t work out this time :slight_smile: Let’s go ahead and merge in these few string changes. For the next release cycle, string freeze and QA being the same 1 week time period may be sufficient given the rapid turnaround from the translators (:clap:).

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