Recruiting new Arabic localizers


I have time this week to reach out and recruit more Arabic localizers. Not exclusively for SecureDrop, that would be selfish :wink: But in the hope that it can also indirectly help SecureDrop Arabic translations, of course.

Do you have suggestions on how to proceed? I can send a message via Mastodon: I have very few followers but… it’s better than nothing. I could also visit existing localizations community who are Free Sfotware friendly and ask if people would be interested in joining localizationlab, but I don’t know any. And of course ask around when I get a chance.

Before doing random actions, possibly redundant or ill advised, I seek the wise counsel of the community :smiley:

What do you think?

After a few discussions here and there, I don’t see any easy way to help. That’s an interesting problem in itself :wink: