Referencing confidential UX research evidence using anonymous IDs

Since we’re collecting and organizing research evidence a bit more on the confidential UX wiki (all folks involved with UX work can request access), I’d like to suggest a standard method to reference these transcripts in public issues etc.

One simple method would be to add a diceware phrase (the diceware package on Ubuntu does that, but there are many other options) to each transcript, so we can then say in a bug report: “per the UX transcripts TobaccoElvesBakesJostleScarletRuss (line 30-34) and FlyLeekRubenAlgebraFliesTurin (line 55), this is something users may struggle with”.

Naturally, we’d still have to be careful to avoid identifying details.

The advantage of diceware phrases over sequential numbers is that they allow for parallel generation of IDs at events and such, and the advantage over GUIDs is that they’re a bit more recognizable. The disadvantage is that they’re sometimes a little silly or even borderline obscene, so cycling a couple of times can be necessary.

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I assigned Diceware IDs to all transcriptions.

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