Request to join the UX team (@mickael)

Hello everyone,

I am an engineer at Freedom of the Press Foundation, and maintainer to SecureDrop. I would like to join to UX team to better understand the design challenges in delivering secure software to journalists. The interviews currently being conducted strike me as very useful feedback when assessing the security (both technical and design choices) in SecureDrop as well as the upcoming SecureDrop workstation.



:+1: from me! Indeed there is some great stuff in the interviews @ei8fdb is doing that I know you will find interesting :slight_smile:

:+1: From me too. You’re very welcome. Are there any particular questions you have about SecureDrop users, what they do, how they do things?

Are there any particular technical design choices you think having input from users would help you with?

I know @redshiftzero mentioned how many documents journalists might have open all at once and how that affects memory usage on workstations.

Welcome! Any questions, please ask.

Also :100: in favor of having @mickael with the UX team. His attention to detail and knowledge of security will be very valuable. For instance there may be questions to add to the interview scripts that would allow us to better understand the mental model of investigative journalists regarding the confidentiality and anonymity of their communications.

Thanks everyone for your support !

I think all feedback is extremely valuable. One area I am particularly interested in is: what happens after the submission has been downloaded and decrypted? (obviously at a high level, given the sensitivity of the processes and how they vary from one org/user to another).

@mickael it has been over a week and there seem to be a consensus to have you on board. Welcome !

Thanks again for joining us, it means a lot :slight_smile:

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