Reset Two-Factor Authentication's scary


as a journalist, I wanted to reset the 2FA of my SD, but found it confusing, as the documentation explains that :

you will need to contact your SecureDrop admin for assistance

without explaining why, nor what will happen, not the steps to reset 2FA… although the SD interface actually let me click on a link in order to do that.

I had to connect to the demo to figure out that clicking on that link actually generate a new QRCode and that I did not had to ask for assistance.

And I tend to think the documentation could be updated in order to be less confusing… and scary. Thanks


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take a lot at the docs to see if they can be improved here.


Great! I see you filed an issue and I’ll follow your progress there :slight_smile:


This might be also something to pass by the UX team to see how it can be improved?