Reviewing the Norwegian translation

Bonjour @erinm,

We worked this week with Alain-Olivier who kindly reviewed the French translation. It was far more than just reviewing: we learnt a lot, identified pain points in the workflow and updated some software strings per his suggestions. It has been a pleasure interacting with him.

Thanks to this work there is a chance that a fully internationalized version of SecureDrop including a French translation is published before the end of the year.

This good experience makes us want more, as you can imagine :slight_smile: It turns out @byeskille completed the Norwegian translation recently and it would naturally be the next candidate for a round of review.

What do you think ?

Hello @dachary,

I chatted with AO the other day and it sounds like he has really enjoyed the work with you. He is extremely detail oriented and always willing to give feedback. We have a similar contributor for Norwegian Bokmal who has been mentioned in the forum already, kingu, who I have contacted about doing review. If they are not available I have a couple of other Bokmal contributors to be in contact with.


He has been very active recently indeed ! Thanks :wink:

I have also reached out to three other Norwegian media companies that run a SecureDrop instance asking them if they would like to contribute.

So far I have got a positive response from a journalist with the newspaper Aftenposten. I have sent him info on how to contribute on reviews, but as many other journalists he is probably very busy these days during election season here. I will nudge him after the election ā€“ probably on Wednesday.

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Rumours of my involvement have been exaggerated, greatly.
To be fair Iā€™m only pulling on the one string, but behind the scenes no less.