[RFC] Draft call towards a horizontal community for localization


This week-end, while discussing with @kingu, we thought it would be a nice idea to raise funds to further localization efforts, not just for SecureDrop. This was inspired by the recent dicussions in Rome. To clarify the idea we drafted a post calling for participation at:


What do you think?

I modified the SecureDrop liberapay which already existed for the purpose of funding the securedrop.club infrastructure costs and extend it to localization.

Maybe we could use the little money that is there to further a weblate feature? That would be a fine example to demonstrate what this is all about.

Welcome to this plebinar, where we discuss, agree and disagree to disagree.

My bugreport montage is https://github.com/WeblateOrg/weblate/issues/1862

However, other than meta-categories, I think maybe the timeline function is nice.

Instead of the spreadsheet-overview, i would want it to be visually presented, with string-freezes and deadlines. And string-type by volume. Easy to see how things changes upstream and downstream then.

Something like Pic related


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Today I met with a hosting company who deploys nextCloud. And they said they would consider giving funds to nextCloud gmbh, a percentage of the hosting fees. I explained what we’re trying to do with SecureDrop. And their question was then: is there such a thing for nextCloud? A community of volunteers who are trusted to spend donations. And of course there is not: it appears what we’re trying to do is unique. So it’s either a really bad idea or … it was never tried because it will never create a paid staff position or … because it is just a bad idea for some reason :wink:

The proposed liberapay SecureDrop account is setup and funded. The securedrop.club documentation was updated to explain how funds can be spent by volunteers. The funding category was created and the proposed announcement was posted there.

The next step would be for a volunteer to propose to spend the funds (a big word for one hundred euros :wink: to further localization!