SecureDrop 0.7.0 Chinese translation is due in 48h

Bonjour @jxtsai

Thanks for translating most of the latest strings only two are left which is great! Since you are a reviewer, it is perfectly fine if you approve your own translations. Of course it is always better to have a second opinion but our community is still modest :slight_smile:

The SecureDrop release is in 48h.

As always, thanks a lot for your help!

hi dachary,

I have sent email to a friend and ask whether he is able to help the reviewing. Agree that it’s better have a second eye on my translation. If others are not able to get involved in the due time, I will do it myself then.

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@jxtsai since we’re releasing today, I’ll go ahead and approve the strings you translated. So we remember they are the one released today. Great work :slight_smile:

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