SecureDrop Client is now ready for translation

The new SecureDrop Client, part of the SecureDrop Workstation based on Qubes OS, is now (officially - we know some of you have already contributed translations) ready for translation via Weblate. Please see our blog post for more information, and don’t hesitate to reply here if you have any questions or technical issues:

We’d love your help bringing this app into as many languages as possible. We’ve not added screenshots to Weblate yet, but you can find many screenshots of the app in actioin in the “Guide for Journalists” section in Welcome to the SecureDrop Workstation documentation! — SecureDrop Workstation stable documentation .

I tried starting on the swedish translation for the client, but I’m not allowed to click the “+”-sign to “Create Translation”… the error said something about access denied (right now it’s mad at me for trying to many times and just logs me out, so not sure about the exact phrasing)

Sorry about that. I just initialized Swedish, are you able to translate now?

Seems to be working, thank you :slight_smile:

Same here… I tried starting the italian translation for the client, but accees denied message appear to me too…

Yes, we’ve since discovered (and posted a banner to explain) that for security reasons only a Weblate administrator (either a SecureDrop maintainer or a Localization Lab staff member) can add a new language for translation. @Claudinux, I’ve just added Italian to the securedrop/securedrop-client component! Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing it.

Sorry, I’ve not noticed the banner on the page… Now it seems working perfectly.

Thanks @cfm !

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