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I’ve been told more than once that newcomers have troubles collecting all SecureDrop resources because there is no homepage they could go to. This is somewhat mitigated by the updates of the website to include links to the forum, chat, demo etc.
It would be even more convenient to have a SecureDrop homepage at that could include all resources found from as well as all resources that are community maintained. currently redirects to this forum and replacing it with a based static site seem like the simplest solution.
What do you think?

After a quick discussion with @heartsucker and @fpoulain I learned that Hugo is what people tend to use to build static sites these days.
@kushaldas suggested or as a super powerful alternative but more focused on blogs.

Let try Hugo then :slight_smile: The Kubes theme looks like it could be a good match? Or Universal ?

I imported the Universal theme and will start adding content to it. It won’t be pretty, I can promise that much :grin:

@saptaks Where would you advise me to look to replace the top right icons of ? To replace GitHub with GitLab, for instance :wink:

@fpoulain I think to remember you did something to use the real by using the real DNS in a test environment and avoid the error below. Does that ring a bell?

    TASK [website : git clone] ************
    fatal: [website-host]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "cmd": "/usr/bin/git clone --origin origin /srv/website", "failed": true, "msg": "Cloning into '/srv/website'...\nfatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:", "rc": 128, "stderr": "Cloning into '/srv/website'...\nfatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:\n", "stderr_lines": ["Cloning into '/srv/website'...", "fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:"], "stdout": "", "stdout_lines": []}

@dachary you can check at the font awesome icons page. You can just search for the icon you want. And in the html code, there will be a class="social" under which you will find list of fa icons written with classes like fa fa-github. For example, to replace it by gitlab, all you need to do is change to fa fa-gitlab. The classname fa-gitlab can be found by searching in the above mentioned link.

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And indeed there is a GitLab icon ! This font is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

modified   config.toml
@@ -42,9 +42,9 @@ paginate = 10
     weight = 1
-    name = "GitHub"
-    url = ""
-    pre = "<i class='fa fa-2x fa-github'></i>"
+    name = "GitLab"
+    url = ""
+    pre = "<i class='fa fa-2x fa-gitlab'></i>"
     weight = 2

Seems good. :smiley:

Yes I spoofed it via /etc/hosts in molecule/demo/roles/securedrop/tasks/main.yml

# Note:
# SecureDrop deployment require access to
# but it may be unknown by
#'s DNS resolver in molecule scenario.
# Moreover, using lab's IP is not an option due to https.
# So we hardcode it in hosts if needed. It should only
# happen in tests scenarios.

- name: lookup
  command: getent hosts
  register: cmd
  ignore_errors: True

- name: lookup real
  command: getent hosts
  delegate_to: localhost
  register: gitlab_ip
  when: cmd|failed

- name: hardcode if needed
    path: /etc/hosts
    line: "{{ gitlab_ip.stdout }}"
  when: cmd|failed
  become: True

# End of Note
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@fpoulain and myself laid out the foundation of the SecureDrop home page this week. In a nutshell, it is a hugo based website. The initial content was pushed in a git repository based on content discussed in this forum. Some posts were copy/pasted as blog posts, the event category linked from the event menu etc. The difference between and is included and the code of conduct is being discussed.

The audience of is extremely small and we will take advantage of that to publish what we have event though it’s still a draft. For reference you can modify: