SecureDrop Community contact platform: Loïc Dachary

Update: as of June 6th, 2018 and until June 6th, 2019, the global forum banner @dachary is a designated point of contact.


I hereby propose to be a contact person and help other community members feel safe when they are in a space for which the SecureDrop Community is responsible (e.g. this forum or other online resources as well as community events).

I’ve been involved with SecureDrop since June 2017 and helped create community driven online resources and organize events since that time. The mutual respect and friendly interactions that existed in the SecureDrop project when I joined were and are still a major motivation for me to improve the software and help people use it. I believe this good spirit was preserved and prospered as the community grew.

I also acknowledge that we are all humans and tensions are inevitable. When disputes escalate or people are threatened, I believe a Code of Conduct is what we need. But I also believe tension can be resolved most of the time, as long as we do our best to communicate and understand each other.

I read all communications (forum, chat, issues, prs, etc) in our relatively small community and I pledge to be available whenever tensions starts to build. I agree that my name is listed prominently as a contact person when and if someone needs help. I can commit to this until May 2019.

Defusing tension is something I’m already doing when I can and in a horizontal community nobody needs to propose a platform to do the same. However, being listed prominently as a contact person is something different. It means other community members implicitly agree that interactions with me are likely to make the SecureDrop Community safer rather than the opposite.

If there is a consensus within two weeks, I will do the needful for my name to be listed prominently as a contact person. If there is no consensus I will call for a vote.



I feel that there is more than one way to do things ; so having a contact person, aside a CoC, is a good thing.

As far as a name as to be defined, I have a very strong belief in your availability and in your human skills for hearing people and defusing tensions as well as mitigating conflicts.

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I think this is a good initiative and I support your decision.

I think this is a good idea also. I will say that the welcome that I had from @dachary (and lots of others!) has been very warm.

I think this is a good idea also. I don’t have much experience in creating codes of conduct, or community work, but I will try to contribute where I can.

I can report I’ve had positive interactions with you since you joined the project and I support you being one of the contact people for SecureDrop :muscle:

+1 from me. I can vouch for @dachary. This human has proven to be an excellent contributor and consistent at reading all communications (certainly more prompt than I :wink: ).

+1 from me as well. not only do I think this is an important function to establish, I also know from experience that your human skills are more than perfectly suited to fulfill it :slight_smile:

+1 from me too

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It has been two weeks and there is consensus. The global banner was updated accordingly. Thanks for the vote of confidence: I’ll do my best to not disappoint :slight_smile: And I trust you will bluntly tell me if I deviate at any point!