SecureDrop MOOC edX platform



It would be great to have MOOCs about SecureDrop. The edX platform is Free Software, can be self hosted and a company provides managed instances for a fee. I’ve had good experience managing and training non technical people to use a small instance, as a trainee and as a course producer, for a political non-party running for the French election last year. The MOOC is still up at


Full disclosure: OpenCraft CEO is a friend.


@dachary Thanks for mentioning Open edX here, and for pointing me to this thread!

Yes, let me know if you want to setup an Open edX instance for SecureDrop, or if you have any question about Open edX, it would be a pleasure to work on this.



@xavier the Freedom of the Press Foundation decided to use edX to host some of its training material. I’m glad that you proposed to host a beta at no charge to bootstrap things, this is very gracious of you :slight_smile: While we’re getting use to it, I will send your brochure with hosting prices to FPF to get a sense of how it could cost. And also train myself to install & maintain edX if self-hosting with community support is preferred.

Quite excited to see this moving forward!


Applied for a beta hosted edX platform at


@dachary I’m just seeing your message here now - you’re welcome! Thank you for the work from the FPF - it’s an honor to help! Feel free to use this instance as long as you want, including if you don’t go for the enterprise maintenance plan or don’t need it.

The Studio interface used to create course materials is available at:

To log in, use the email address and the password you provided in the application (If you don’t remember it, you can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot password?” link on the login page: ).

Let me know if you have any question or have any issue.


This is very gracious of you :slight_smile: I’ve been able to login, ready to move forward!



Just checked out this edX - this looks like a really wonderful platform! Thanks again @xavier and @dachary for setting this up :slight_smile:

@dachary I just signed up and requested to be a course creator :innocent:. Will let our FPF training team know they can sign up on here too so they can start playing around :sunny:


@redshiftzero you are now superuser at and you can start playing around and break things :wink:


The trial period is over @xavier thanks a lot for your extended and kind support :slight_smile:


@dachary Do you currently use this instance? Would you like to keep it?