SecureDrop shopping list



For a new installation (September 2017), here is my shopping list (will update), derived from the hardware page of the documentation:

I have to find an alternative to:



Tails has a page related to printing but no specific printer compatible advice


Real bad customer experience with

  • MasterCard via claims the address do not match
  • MasterCard via Paypal ( asks for the card details which is very not-paypal like… not sure what “via paypal” really means) fails with Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed.
  • Wire tranfer option has zero bank details, just a postal address. This is only going to work for sending a Check

I tried with two different MasterCard from two different banks with the same results.

I can’t find pfSense SG-2440 at

pfSense SG-2440 replacement

Received one t400 from today. Perfect condition, tested tails and it works. Quick delivery, very good packaging and good information from Leah Rowe regarding the package tracking.


The following arrived today:

  • 5 8GB USB keys
  • the HP Deskjet 1110
  • the second Libreboot T400


@dachary can you try this Tails printer? These seem to work out of the box with Tails


I tried to buy it since it was already documented to work. Unfortunately none of my usual French retailers had this model so I chose one that’s close to it. And … it worked well !


excellent! can you send us the exact model number so we can add it in our directory of known good hardware?


It has been added to the documentation in the last release. Would you like me to submit it elsewhere ?


Mostly it’s in that we’re tracking new hardware additions. Soon we’ll have a list of recommended and compatible hardware, procurable via retail purchase, similar to how we document a list of compatible wireless-less printers for use with SecureDrop (