SHA2017, Netherlands, August 2017


SHA2017 is in less than two weeks. It’s quite expensive for indivuduals (I applied to get a free ticket, fingers crossed). Here are the things I’m interested in:


If you’re there, let me know and we can discuss :slight_smile:


I did not get a free ticket but … the organizers were kind enough to offer a 20% discount :slight_smile:

I hope to get feedback on the draft l10n guide being written at

The italian ambassy evening was crazy today. Someone had a birthday party with 70 bottles of wine. It makes for interesting conversations. Most of them around GlobaLeaks & SecureDrop.

Hoping to meet today :slight_smile:

I had the privilege to discuss with Suelette Dreyfus, Cannelle Lavite, Veronica Nad, Pedro Noel and Santiago Carrion after their respective talks about whistleblowers. I learnt that a EU directive on whistleblowers is being pushed (and likely to pass by the end of the year) by Virginie Rosiere. I’m expecting pointers to organize training for journalists. We also engaged in a discussion on the topic of “Where to host the servers for a European media” ? And got first hand testimony about hosting GlobaLeaks. If someone is interested in details, I can elaborate. Otherwise I’ll be lazy :wink: