Shortening the generic journalist interview


Bonjour @Fabrice & @Inna ,

Yesterday was the first full interview including the new questions you contributed to the journalist tools to communicate with sources interview script. The first three were interviews focused on these questions only for the purpose of figuring out how to fine tune them.

The good news is that they work well and it makes for a better dialog with the journalist. Before they were introduced I felt some journalists were kind of uncomfortable because the focus was mostly on tools and this is not their strong suit. Yesterday the interviewee passionately shared his vision and that was an almost instant ice breaker.

The downside is that it made for a very long interview (90 minutes) and we did not get a chance to discuss about the tools as much I would have liked. I have a feeling that it was in part because we came to the tooling questions after 30 minutes of interview. But it’s just a feeling. Even though we took 90 minutes, I had to cut a number of questions to shorten the interview.

I’m not going to conclude anything from this one interview. The interviewee was a super interesting person and maybe we would have discussed hours with a two lines script :wink: Another interview is scheduled next week and I’ll add to this thread with more feedback.

To be continued!


@dachary, @Fabrice Hi Loic, sorry for the late answer. The work schedule is completely crazy at the moment. I’ll try to have a look today at our script in order to shorten some parts.


@dachary: i’ve already asked you but i still do not completely understand what means “approval pending” for the interviews 24 and 25 (that normally contain some new questions)?


It means the transcript of the interview was sent to the interviewee for approval, in case they want something deleted before sharing with the UX team. They both told me this week that they will get back to me soon.


@Inna In preparation for an interview scheduled tomorrow, I’ll add a note next to each question that I think can be skipped if it gets too long. Unless you already have a shorter version of the interview ready in which case I’ll use that, of course :smiley:


@dachary I’ve just modified the script and deleted the following questions (which are not directly linked to our central topic of the role of investigative journalism and factors, i.e. technological tools, impacting its development):

  1. According to you, why the problem of fake news has become so urgent?
  • and what do you think should be done about fake news?
  • Is it the fight of journalists alone or should it be a prospect that concerns a broader variety of actors (readers, educational institutions, regulators, etc)?
  1. How often do you mobilize your ancient sources of information?
    Purpose: new source is necessary for each topic or else there is a relatively stable base which is mobilized for different investigations
  2. Would you agree that interaction with readers is essential for the existence of ethical and quality journalism? Why/how?
  3. Whether and how regulators could support the quality journalism development?

For the rest of script, do not hesitate to mention if some questions take too much time!
Thanks, best


This is useful, thank you. The fake news question was surprisingly interesting but you’re right, it can be removed. I edited the script some more to mark questions that could be skipped in case the interview must be trimmed to 30 minutes. I made this selection base on what I remember from the interviews I did: it is very subjective. Please let me know if I misjudged a question that is very important.

The 30 minutes format is too short. With or without the additional questions. But sometime it’s all we get so… better be prepared to get the best of it :wink:


@dachary @Fabrice I’ve read the 3 interviews (10,20,24) with “technical”+“quality-orinted” questions and, if you agree, i could start working on a summary table of first results


It sounds like something that would really be useful :100: :slight_smile: The p25 interview will hopefully be transcribed & approved in a week or two as well and contains both (technical + quality oriented).