Simplified Chinese translations

Bonjour @dachary and @jxtsai.

I knew the SecureDrop from our school’s lessons. The main idea of this projet “permetting media organizations to have a much safer exchange and communication with anonymous sources” is pretty good.

I am a beginner in programming but I wanna contribute to your projets too.

I am pretty interested in the part of Translations. From this site , I found that nobody has done the translation for Chinese simplified version.

I wanna know if it is possible for me to help you do the Chinese simplified translation.

Looking forward to your reply!

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hi @Jie,

Welcome to join the community.

You can check some l10n instruction and info organized by Localization Lab here:


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Thank you for this instruction @jxtsai,

I have already started the translation in this weblate:

When I finish this work, is there anything special should I do to let the manager of SecureDrop know that part is done?


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I am also very interested in Chinese translation. I can help you to do some checks.

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@xiaorui you can start translating right away using the web interface. Let me know if you have any problem and I’ll help.