Spanish is 100% done. Ready for revision

Spanish translation is 100% done.

Would appreciate others to take a look at too, so we make sure that we are using the best/common terminology possible. Here are some examples that had me thinking:
cifrar vs encriptar
nombre clave vs pseudónimo
odd-length secret (not sure if the literal translation is okay)

Anyhow, will review it against application later on. Taking a break now. :slight_smile:

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@erinm Would it be possible to ask the localizationlab network for a review of the Spanish translation at ? Very excited about this new development. Congrats @daniel !

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The localization demo site was updated. Looking good !

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@dachary @daniel This is definitely an amazing development. I will reach out to the community and see who can provide a full review.


@erinm @dachary @daniel I know a bit of spanish myself. Will do a bit of review :slight_smile:


Thx bmeson! And let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Ah it is you! I just checked your photo. :slight_smile: Cool!

I went through the Spanish Translation and almost everything looked great! Thanks so much for doing this @daniel . I made some very minor notes below:

I marked a few as “needs revision”:

Minor formatting fixes (capitalization and such, did not change the strings)

Added a suggestion in a comment

@bmeson thank you for revising. I appreciate it. I went through them, and the only one that bothers me, is when translating or not the “Google Authenticador”. I am using both, like this “Autenticador de Google (Google Authenticator”, en caso the application doesn’t change name in spanish speaking countries.

@daniel I think that is a reasonable trade-off, it makes the strings a bit longer but I think still reasonable. I verified that its “Autenticador Google” in the App Store so we can keep "“Autenticador de Google”. I think we can “lock” the translations where you are comfortable, that way we have a 100% translated language before string freeze.

@bmeson Thank you finding the name in Spanish. Where I am confortable, how do I do that. I will check when I get home. How long do we have before the string freeze?

It happened a few days ago, November 17th, meaning the strings found in the SecureDrop sources will not change until the release scheduled December 5th. But you have until the last minute to fix translations :wink:

@dachary thanks! I am going through the whole enchilada right now, I will let you know when done. :slight_smile:

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@dachary and @bmeson, I have completed revising/correcting/updating the Spanish translation. I feel really good about it.

Once someone else provides the confirmation/correction of what is expected in the following to entries, then we are good to go.

Thanks folks!


Great ! I’ll update the demo with your latest work right now. :sunny:

Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@dachary - just an fyi: I just checked and it is not reflecting the new changes, at least yet.
To double checked that it wasn’t me, I cleared all history when I tried.

I fell asleep before updating … sorry about that :wink: It’s done now !

No, thank you for working on it.

I found a misspelled word, and extra spaces, and also I noticed that the buttons for that users will need to click to upload files have their labels in English.

A suggestion: At least on this end the drop button for languages doesn’t look like a drop down button to me. Would be better to write the languages names below instead? Something like shown in the following image:

I just noticed that the image you posted earlier shows the same what I am suggesting, the languages name across. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.


These are displayed by the browser itself: if the browser is in Spanish, they will display in Spanish.

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