Stats on the usage

Hi @eloquence
We have deployed Securedrop in our environment. I’m wanting to gather some stats on the usage of SecureDrop.
Is this something I can easily pull out? if yes could you please let me know the steps or point me to the right link?

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Hey @Harry01, generally, SecureDrop intentionally disables logging on the source interface, because access patterns, even anonymous, are a form of sensitive metadata, which we strive to minimize.

What kind of data are you interested in, specifically? Feel free to reach out to us at as well if you’d like to discuss this more outside of this forum.

@eloquence thank you for your prompt response. I would like to check how frequently users are using it.

The most straightforward way to monitor overall source and submission volume is through the web-based journalist interface – keep an eye on the submission flow there, and make a note of changes over time.

You can also access the database directly to get counts or inspect the various tables; however, this is not something I’d recommend unless you’re comfortable with SQL and the Linux command line. If you are, I can offer some further pointers.

@eloquence could you please let me know how to access web interface? should it be by using Admin USB?
Also please let me know the steps with SQL In case I would like to check using shh to Admin workstation.

Harwinder Singh

Yes, both admins and journalists can log into the Journalist Interface to get an overview of the current submissions.

To log in as an admin, boot up the Admin Workstation, connect to the Internet, and click the “SecureDrop Journalist Interface” icon on the Tails desktop once it displays as the SecureDrop logo. You should have credentials you need in your password database, but in any event, they’re the ones you set up here:

To log in as a journalist, boot up the Journalist Workstation and perform the same steps, but with a journalist account.

Can you confirm that these steps work for you?

@eloquence thank you. I will check and get back to you.


@eloquence when I click on SecureDrop Journalist interface it opens the Tor browser and say “Server not found”

@eloquence I can access it fine. So in section > All Sources are the submission by the users? right.