Translate Toolkit compatible glossaries/dictionnaries

@erinm it turns out Weblate can import glossary/dictionnary in formats understood by the Translate Toolkit (including TBX, CSV or Gettext PO files). Does localizationlab have such glossary in various languages ? If such a glossary was used while translating tor or other similar projects, it is likely most if not all of it applies without change to SecureDrop. That would be a great help :slight_smile:

@dachary Sorry for not seeing this sooner! Yes, the glossary that I sent you previously was a CSV, however I believe I sent you a version with term comments, which are not supported in Weblate. I can export versions sans comments and in the Weblate csv format (source, target) for your target languages.

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And I just salvaged it from the spam, sorry about that … and thanks :slight_smile:

No worries! The forum reminded me that it took me 8 days to respond to your message here >_<