Translation demo upgrades


The demo for sources and journalists was modified earlier this week for technical reasons. The benefits is mostly to make it easier to update it with the latest translations. And also it looks a little be prettier :wink:

Unfortunately a bug was also introduced and the demo only displays the officially supported languages at the moment. If you would like to see another one, you can add ?l=code at the end of the URL until this is fixed.


Seems like the language changer does not work at all. The page stays in english no matter what language is choosen. The only change is for Arabic when the page is mirrored, or Chinese when the font changes size, but the text is still in english.

Iā€™m on it, thanks for the report!

It should work now, stupid mistake on my part. Could you confirm?

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The chooser is working just fine now :slight_smile:

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