Updating links on https://securedrop.org


Bonjour @mike @conorsch @redshiftzero,

It would be super nice to replace the menu entries in https://securedrop.org/ because some are missing and others are obsolete. I understand the website is being refactored and that it would have to be a hack. But that hack could help in the interim. The mailing list is deprecated and could usefully be replaced by a link to the forum. Maybe something like Discuss in the forum and chat ?

As more contributors arrive to SecureDrop, it would help them find places where discussions happen.



To begin the discussions, what about:


The main question is: What is the purpose of the links?


@ei8fdb I think the ability to change securedrop.org is unfortunately very limited because it is essentially in read-only mode while the new version is being prepared.


As @dachary mentions, we are somewhat in a holding pattern, given that we have a beautiful new version of securedrop.org that is mostly ready—but we’re waiting for a full-time web developer to join our staff to get it over the finish line.

Later this week I will take a look and what we can modify in the current interface. I am pessimistic about the time involved, but happy to investigate to keep our investments elsewhere prominent on the main website.


@conorsch Fair enough. And I completely understand it all depends on having people available.

The thread here came from a discussion @dachary and I had about @belenbarrospena & my experience of starting to contribute.

We discussed that it is often not clear how people who can contribute in other ways than code can contibute.

Hence this thread, and the suggestion of the “want to contribute” side links above.

If SecureDrop would like some UX design input, please let us know.

You’re very welcome to post a job/contrubution request (for free!) on OpenSourceDesign.net/jobs

(For full transparency: I’m a member of the Open Source Design collective)




Changes enumerated:

  • Removed link to mailing list
  • Linked to forum
  • Linked to gitter
  • Linked to weblate

@ei8fdbI have not included changes for “Help with UX design” and “Help with documentation.” If you can provide target URLs for those (perhaps categories within the forum?) I’m happy to take another look.