Using Qubes as a journalist workstation ... now?


There is a lot of interest in using Qubes instead of tails. The general idea being that one virtual machine is used to get documents from the journalist interface. The documents are then decrypted and stored in another virtual machine.

I wonder if someone is already using Qubes in this way ? It is not recommended because the implications of having a virtual machine instead of an airgap hardware have not been evaluated. But maybe someone did it anyway :wink:

That would give us first hand experience of what the pain points are. Kushal used the Qubes 4.x release candidate and we learnt it’s still too raw to be usable. But what about Qubes 3 ? Could we maybe use it right now and be happy about it ?

maybe you could ask Edward Snowden and Micah Lee, who both use Qubes (+ SD, for the latter)…
although we’d have to wait Qubes 4, as Qubes 3.2’s dom0 still runs Fedora 23, which no longer gets security updates :

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