Verifying the funds are allocated where they should


Bonjour @kingu,

It has been about two weeks since the expense proposal was approved and I know (because you told me :wink: $5 are sent to WebLate. If I was an observer, how would I be able to verify the funds are indeed sent to futher the localized screenshots?


[expense proposal] allow for localized screenshot [$25]

I could not figure out a way to trace the funds. @kingu maybe you could post screenshots of the funds allocation as you see them in your liberapay panel?


Woah, I think I have 0.03 extra


If there is no better way to trace the funds itโ€™s going to be quite difficult to keep using liberapay.


Is it not possible to route money directly?
I sent 0.01 from the org to me to see if sending it back worked, so that is possible both ways.

The team account I donโ€™t know how works, it seems only for routing money to people on the team.