Very slow circuit on the app


The app server has a very slow circuit on the app server. Is there a simple way to ask the tor daemon to get another one? I’ve never done that and hesitant to risk anything :wink:

Thanks !

The circuit was very slow for a few hours but recovered (or was renewed) and all is well. I’m still interested in ways to speed up the recovery process though :wink:

It is my understand that this can happen due to the Tor protocol’s use of Rendezvous points. However, if you just restart the tor service, you will not build a new rendezvous point because your advertised introduction points are signed by your public key to the lookup service. Instead, you have to wait for the protocol to gracefully rotate to new introduction points (required to preserve anonymity) which may have faster networking to the onion service.

I am very weak on this topic @dachary but that is my understanding of how Tor protocol works. Happy to be corrected.

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