Weblate long term maintenance


For long term maintenance of weblate, there needs to be more than just me maintaining it (functional & infrastructure). I propose weblate is migrated on the FPF infrastructure and hosted on the FPF resources. That would enable @mike to assist instead of forcing him to dive into an unfamiliar environment to do so. It would also cut down the cost currently imposed on the SecureDrop Community but that’s not the main incentive :wink:

What do you think?

Happy to assist here, @dachary. We couldn’t be more grateful for your work in achieving an internationalized SecureDrop, and naturally the path forward will involve more SecureDrop team members for maintenance. You mention both functional and infrastructure requirements; as far as the hosting goes, we can indeed work with you on scheduling a transition. For the functional duties, I defer to the team, particularly @redshiftzero, on how best to provide coverage there.

Many team members will be on holiday in the near future—it’s that time of year!—but I expect we can still assist you throughout August on planning the migration. Let’s aim for a tentative cut-over date of September 1? That should give us ample time to step through your excellent configuration logic and sketch out the corresponding underlying setup on our end.

In about two weeks or so, it’d be great to have a check-in call with you to compare notes. Will report progress in the meantime on this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great :slight_smile: The weblate logic is self contained in the molecule/weblate directory and will hopefully be relatively easy to copy/paste.

We prepared for @kushaldas to drive the 0.9.0 i18n update and I’ll assist him in case the documentation is unclear.

Still working on preparing the migration. We’re in a good position (more details over in the devops section), and currently plan to start the transition after the SecureDrop 0.10.0 release is live, so we have maximize time to address any issues before the next release.

As part of the migration, URLs will change from https://weblate.securedrop.club to https://weblate.securedrop.org. Users will automatically be redirected if they use the old URL. Existing accounts such as GitHub authorizations will work on the new setup, as well.

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll announce a downtime window after the release to perform the transition, then update again once the service is ready to use.

We’ll be performing the migration tomorrow, 2018-10-30, during Pacific Time daytime hours. Will follow up again here to confirm the migration is finished, and to solicit feedback in case we missed anything.

I have also informed the Localization Lab mattermost channel about the same.

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New service is live: https://weblate.securedrop.org Please proceed with testing, and let us know about any problems. @kushaldas, particularly interested in your feedback as Localization Manager. :slight_smile:

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https://weblate.securedrop.org/commit/securedrop/securedrop/ fails with Server Error: The server had serious problems serving your request. Trained monkeys are en-route fixing the issue. when logged in as dachary (has admin rights). I tried to ssh debian@weblate.securedrop.org and debug but do not have access.

As @dachary mentioned, I can not not even see anything on https://weblate.securedrop.org/commit/securedrop/securedrop/ . It is coming as a blank page.

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Thanks for report, we’ll look into this today and provide an update!

hey @dachary / @kushal ! whats supposed to be on that page? (besides a non-error :smile: )

hey @conorsch can you provide some insight on this https://docs.securedrop.org/en/latest/development/i18n.html#merging-develop-into-the-weblate-fork and how it applies/doesn’t-apply to the new server?

disregard @dachary :slight_smile: I found the docs section that describes that gitlab link workflow (as pasted above). Thanks for the lovely screen shots. You around on chat anytime this week?

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hey @dachary ! Can you provide more guidance on what I am supposed to see at this url https://weblate.securedrop.org/commit/securedrop/securedrop/ ? I’m probably missing something but I didnt see a reference to this in the docs. I also might have mangled your permissions on weblate in the migration so I’d like to restore and fix those if thats what the issue is.

You should see what is shown as the first screenshot at https://docs.securedrop.org/en/latest/development/i18n.html#merging-develop-into-the-weblate-fork .

I can see the admin page alright, my permissions are still good :wink:

So I see the contents of that screenshot at https://weblate.securedrop.org/projects/securedrop/securedrop/#repository

On a totally unrelated note… i think i turned my account into the weblate admin account :expressionless:

I now see the page too. It’s a miracle! :dizzy: