Weblate review workflow proposal


Here is a weblate based translation workflow to enforce translation reviews. @erinm I’d be very interested to know if you heard of a better way to do the same.

The technical details are as follows:

Change the User group ACL and remove the trans | unit | Can save translation and trans | suggestion | Can accept suggestion permission. As a consequence the Save button on the translation unit does not show for regular users.

Create the Reviewer group and give it the same permissions as the User group, plus the permissions that were removed from the User group.


Actually … there may be an even simpler workflow. The translator does its job with the default user interface. And the reviewer, if (s)he agrees with the translation, clicks Save without modifying the string. It will show in the history. It should then be easy to check all current strings have been verified in this way. And mark as Need review the strings that were not, with a script modifying the database (so that reviewers have a simple way to know what needs their attention).

Another possibility would be that reviewers just untick Needs review. That will be recorded in the history of the string. And a script can mark as Needs review all the strings for which the history shows the last user to modify the translation is not a reviewer.

For the record a thread was strated on the weblate mailing list to get feedback for users on this review topic.

The short conclusion of the thread is that there is no recommended review process in weblate. There are bits and pieces but nothing convenient. An idea came up recently and is discussed elsewhere.