Weblate.securedrop.org timesout on Save


@jobaval10n told me yesterday about a problem that is easy to reproduce at weblate.securedrop.org.

If you click save it waits and timesout. I’m pretty sure that’s an easy problem to fix. Not because I’m psychic but because I’ve never had any problem with weblate that could not be fixed within the hour :wink:

I’m available to help, if given ssh access to the machine.


Hey @dachary !!

We’ve tested a fix by bumping the weblate version to 3.4.x but I didn’t realize this problem was so widespread. Umm let me sync with the team today to find out when we can implement this. Maybe it’s better to just take it down ASAP since it’s essentially not working as-is. Thanks to the offer for assistance! Ummm I’ll keep ya posted :slight_smile:


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For the record, see the followup discusion.