Why and how did I create a discourse instance for SecureDrop?


I recently took an interest in SecureDrop, contributing patches, getting to know the team and discussing it with friends in Paris and Berlin. I also looked for communications channels where developers and users are discussing SecureDrop. Although there already is a mailing list and an IM channel, there currently is little activity. I proposed to setup a discourse instance, the SecureDrop team liked the idea and … here it is. Hopefully people uncomfortable with mailing lists will find discourse more attractive.

In the spirit of a community driven project, this discourse instance was setup with resources that are owned and maintained by the community. This is the primary reason for using the securedrop.club domain name instead of securedrop.org. A dedicated http://gandi.net account was setup, the instance is self hosted on a dedicated http://ovh.com virtual machine, paid for with the admin@securedrop.club dedicated paypal account where I deposited 50 euros. Right now two person have all the credentials: Jennifer Helsby and myself. Hopefully other people will be interested in helping with the sysadmin / administrative maintenance. If you are, please speak up :slight_smile:

There is not much more to say about why and how this instance was created really (well, there are some technical details of course). It’s semi-spontaneous and I’m hoping people will like this new communication channel. The next steps are probably to create categories and beautify the default look. And at the same time start discussions about the SecureDrop topics that interest us. Right now I’m the only admin but if you’re interested in doing some discourse maintenance, just let me know your account name and you’ll be upgraded.

Enjoy !