SecureDrop UX Style Guide


Hey @eloquence,

I finished the icons section (added the PNG icons) and also changed the README file, I think it is ready for use now :slight_smile:


Thank you guys, @elioqoshi and @anxhelo, so much. So, so much! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing this lovely new organism grow and bear fruit, in all its seasons ahead. (ok, when I start composing sentences like that, is definitely the sign it’s past my bedtime…)

Mazel Tov on some great work, y’all!


Fantastic! @eloquence I just made you an admin on the repo so you can transfer it yourself to freedomofpress :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see this style guide grow!


@elioqoshi: Thanks! I’ve accepted the invite, but I cannot transfer the repository with my current permissions. I believe this feature may be restricted to the repository owner:

However, I think you should be able to initiate the transfer yourself, and that will then give us the option to accept or reject it.


@eloquence I’m actually unable to. GitHub tells me "You don’t have the permission to create repositories on freedomofpress ".

So either you temporarily give me access to create repos on the freedomofpress GitHub organization, or I transfer the repo to your user account and then you can transfer it yourself to freedomofpress I assume. Which do you prefer?


Yeah, please go ahead and transfer it to me, that sounds simplest. Thanks :slight_smile:


You need to delete your fork of the repo first before I can transfer it to you :slight_smile:


Done, sorry about that.


Thanks, we’ve transferred the repo over! Per standard operating procedure we’ve removed your direct write access for now to keep permissions manageable, assuming that your involvement in the project has largely wrapped up. :slight_smile: Thank you once again for all your hard work on this, looking forward to iterating further & improving the UX with this important foundation.


Thanks @eloquence! We will be doing a short reporting on our blog as well and happy to help in the future as well :slight_smile: