Discussing conferences and meetings organized or attended by SecureDrop users and contributors.


User support - discuss, ask, and answer questions about installing and using SecureDrop.


All things related to the localization of SecureDrop and translations in various languages, for users, translators and developers. Find out more about the localization timeline and priorities or subscribe to calendar updates.


The DevOps discussions are about managing resources under the domain name and deploying SecureDrop servers


Everything related to the development of SecureDrop, ranging from fixing bugs to long term plans as well as the development infrastructure. Anyone can subscribe to the release calendar and be notified of important deadlines.


SecureDrop needs your help to improve its user experience. What are we doing well? What are we doing poorly? What is confusing? How can we improve? Anyone is welcome to join our weekly online meeting. For more information see also the wiki or get in touch via mail with @ei8fdb @belenbarrospena @saptaks @veronika.nad @inna @Fabrice @mickael and @dachary.


Enough is a system that allows sources to communicate securely and anonymously with journalists. Independent journalists can get their personal leak page at When journalists and media are prepared to commit more resources, there’s an upgrade path to include SecureDrop for more sensitive investigations.


Welcome to the SecureDrop Community forums


If you are a volunteer for SecureDrop, this is where you get to decide how to spend the SecureDrop funds.


Discussing hardware and vendors for SecureDrop


Discussing the global & regional legal context in which SecureDrop is to be deployed.


Discussing all matters related to training sysadmins, developers, journalists and sources about how to improve and use SecureDrop.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.