Adding Allie as new maintainer

@creviera (also creviera on GitHub) has joined the SecureDrop team last year, focusing on the SecureDrop Client and Workstation. Based on @creviera ‘s contributions to SecureDrop as well as contributions and maintainership of the SecureDrop Client and Workstation components over the past year, I would like to nominate her for maintainership of SecureDrop.

Recently, she led the implementation efforts for the server-side seen-unseen functionality (, and has already been reviewing several SecureDrop changes this past year ( She is also the single largest contributor to the SecureDrop Client where she has been leading the design and implementation of new features and reviewing changes.

Please :+1: if you are in agreement, this thread will be open for comment for 7 days.


:+1:, of course! :slight_smile:

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+1 from me.
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Absolutely! :+1: @creviera has been a strong contributor on SecureDrop for some time now, across multiple repositories, mostly in the Workstation realm. Her more recent PRs into the “securedrop” repo show a deep understanding of the components in play across the board. We’re already depending heavily on @creviera’s development, and she’s certainly earned merge rights into the original repo by her work to date.

:+1: I’m pretty sure Allie has never even considered adding a shaking dialog to the client demanding longer replies.


:+1: Allie has been slaying it on the client side since forever, can only be an asset on core.

Following up here. Given that a week has elapsed with no concerns expressed about the proposed change, we’ve gone ahead and added @creviera to the group of SecureDrop Maintainers, effective immediately.

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