Adding Cory as a new maintainer

Cory (@cfm on GitHub) has been working with the SecureDrop team since June 2021, as part of a fellowship sponsored by Internews. In that time, he’s contributed substantial accessibility improvements to the SecureDrop Source Interface (, along with CI and testing enchancements to the same repo (e.g. & Currently, he’s hard at work on adding support for localization to the SecureDrop Client codebase (e.g.

Given the strength of his contributions to date, I propose that we include Cory as an official SecureDrop maintainer. Doing so would grant him approval and merge rights into the various “securedrop-*” repositories, enabling him to review work by others on the team, and in general to collaborate more closely.

It’s worth noting that the Internews fellowship is set to wind down at the end of Q42021. Should Cory be a maintainer at that time, and decide to move on from the project, we can discuss his maintainership status going forward as a group.


I’m not a maintainer but would like to second the nomination - Cory has made many excellent contributions across the SecureDrop ecosystem already, and it would be awesome to empower him to help w/ needed reviews.

+1 from me and then more text to fill 20 characters required for a post.

+1 here too - he’s been doing good work and is genuinely pleasant to work with, which is probably more important maintainership-wise.

+1 for reasons already mentioned. Cory’s contributions, specifically around implementing a new and improved localization workflow, have been top notch and highly collaborative. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with Cory and reviewing his work (also he gives a good demo).

Roger that, we have consensus! I’ll make the grants and follow up here when it’s done.

Thanks, all, for your kind feedback and for your trust. I look forward to supporting the team and project in this role.

All changes complete. @cfm is now a maintainer. Thanks again, all!