Adding Kevin as new maintainer


Based on Kevin’s contributions (@zenmonkeykstop on GitHub) to SecureDrop (first as an SecureDrop admin at a news org and now as FPF’s support engineer), I’d like to propose he become a SecureDrop maintainer. He’s been leading our QA efforts from the SecureDrop 0.9 release series onwards and most recently was deputy RM for SecureDrop 0.12.1. He’s made multiple strong contributions to the SecureDrop codebase: from adding an alert to the journalist interface UI notifying news organizations of their need to update to Xenial to improving our log collection to fixing dev environments. Finally, he’s been the primary engineer handling SecureDrop technical support and has been invaluable to news organizations as we transition them from Trusty to Xenial :tada:

Please :+1: if you are in agreement! This forum thread will be open for comment for 7 days.


:+1:, let’s do this!


:+1: Absolutely in favor.


Yes! @zenmonkeykstop has been an incredible resource to both news orgs using SecureDrop, and to other developers working on it. He’s shown a dedication to the project over the years, and consistently shares that experience with other members of the community in a respectful, inclusive manner. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with @zenmonkeykstop. I thoroughly support the proposal for maintainership.


Over the past few months, Kevin has already been providing great PR reviews. :+1: from me !


It’s been a week, no issues were raised - I’m closing this forum thread and Kevin will now be added as a SecureDrop maintainer. Congrats Kevin!

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