Adding Kurdish Kurmanji and Southern Kurdish to CLDR



CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world’s languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available. This data is used by a wide spectrum of companies for their software internationalization and localization, adapting software to the conventions of different languages for such common software tasks. It is a building block of python babel which is used by SecureDrop. When something is missing from CLDR it follows that SecureDrop is therefore not capable of displaying the required language, even if the translations are available.


The following process is a guide for people willing to help improve the CLDR database in the three main individual codes:

Step 1: create an account to participate in CLDR

Step 2: propose a new language for the missing languages:

Step 3: once the new locale was added (i.e. the links above will no longer be not found), provide data via the survey tool with help from the survey guide, starting April 1st 2018.

Step 4: CLDR is published every year, the schedule is on the left of each page and should be followed to not miss deadlines

Step 5: file a bug against python babel in case they did not updated to the latest published CLDR

Step 6: enjoy SecureDrop translated in Kurdish Kurmanji and Southern Kurdish :tada:



@erinm @brandones we finally know what should be done, when and where. It felt a little like walking through a thick jungle during weeks but we made friends on the way :smile: Maybe people from Localizationlab with a focus on languages that do not receive much attention will benefit from our experience ?


Yes! Thank you so much for being so determined and following up with this and sharing the process!

On my end still poking potential translators and Kurmanji media references, but with no responses thus far.

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FWIW an account was created for me within 24h after sending the following:

Subject: Submitting data for fr_FR ckb and ku


Would you be so kind as to provide me with a Submitter ID so that I can use the Survey Tool ?

Thanks in advance

with a kind reply from the person responsible for opening accounts:

Hello. Thank you for your interest. An account has been created for you and the system should send you login information. The Survey Tool is currently “read only” between releases. You should receive notification when it is open for data submission for the next release.

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Thank you both @erinm @dachary I have forwarded this to our friends who were asking about Kurdish.

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Survey tool seems to still be closed. Think it’s running late, or am I misunderstanding the dates?

Hum, maybe May 23 Start General Submission is when the survey tool opens? I’m unclear about that also.

A request to create Kurdish Kurmanji was sent.

The request was denied or transformed into a clarification. In the macrolanguages section of Picking the Right Language Identifier it reads:

suppose that you are looking for Kurdish written in Latin letters, as in Turkey. It is a mistake to think that because that is in the north, that you should use the subtag ‘kmr’ for Northern Kurdish. You should instead use ku-Latn-TR.

My assumption that we need kmr was based on ISO 636 but there appears to be a ISO 636 Deprecation Requests.

The current session deadline is July 10th and we can’t get anything done by then. However another session will open in six months and I’m sure we can get ready for this one. There is hope!

Note: A huge thank you to an anonymous advisor who is also an active member of the CLDR community for his guidance.