Adding Russian to the SecureDrop supported languages


The SecureDrop Russian translation completed by the combined efforts of Andrey and Maria Ovsyannikova was 100% reviewed yesterday by Adham Kurbanov.

In my opinion this is a solid and reliable team of localizers and Russian should be added to the SecureDrop supported languages.

My only concern is that there currently is no known SecureDrop instance where this language would be activated (but I’d be happy to be wrong). Every active instance makes it easier for long term maintenance because users can become contributors to the localization effort. However it also is a chicken-and-egg problem: journalists with a Russian speaking audience are unlikely to setup a SecureDrop instance if it does not support Russian :wink:

What do you think?

P.S. As always a big thank to @erinm for her discreet and efficient work behind the scene :sunny:


Let’s add Russian too in 0.7.0 - great work everyone!

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