Administration of * resources


Although some of the resources deployed under the * domain are volatile and we don’t care much how they are setup (they are described in detail in posts in the forum but that’s level 0 of documentation), some of them (notably the forum and weblate) are more durable. It would be good if they follow the conventions and best practices in place at FPF and I’m ready to do the needful.

The only difference should be that all the resources involved are cooperatively maintained by a group of people that are not all affiliated with FPF. Other than that, it would be good to use the same tools and processes as FPF. It would allow @conorsch or Mike to help when/if there is a breakage. If the tools are entirely different, this is going to be a major roadblock and they won’t be able to help even if they are inclined to.

There is no immediate urgency but sanitizing devops best practicies is the kind of work that becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. Reason why I propose to start now rather than later :wink:

Thoughts ?