And what about ... the Tshwane Principles?


Since the directive draft does not mention much regarding whistleblowers and national security, maybe the Tshwane Principles

should be reminded to our lawmakers in an answer to the current consultation ? I’m not aware of any organization willing to mention those but … I’m only loosely following this topic :wink:



yes, this is a good idea. I am working on this for Change of Direction anyway, and I can draft a position for this project, too.

Just to manage expectations though: National security isn’t mentioned in the draft Directive, as it clearly does not fall within EU competences. Which doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pointed out as missing, but the best we can hope for at this stage is an explicit recommendation added to the Directive for Member States to introduce dedicated rules for whistleblowing on national security when transposing into national legislation. The EU does not have a mandate whatsoever to issue obligations on how Member States handle matters of national security and intelligence.

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