Article on long term vision and goals

Bonjour @pierwill,

Would you be interested in working with me on an article explaining my long term vision and the goals I’m pursuing? Some people joining our community may find it helpful to better understand where all this is going.

It would of course be a lot better to not write a first person, subjective article. And I think about that quite often (not kidding :wink: ). But it is also extremely difficult and if multiple individual write their vision and goals, we may be able to find patterns, commonalities, trends that will eventually allow us to write and collectively agree on something less personal.

Another blocker is that I’m not much of a writer and if I was to work on such an article all by myself it would not be very good. I enjoyed reviewing your work to improve the SecureDrop documentation and thought you might be interested in a collaboration.

The main points of the article would be:

  • Whistleblower systems as a way for citizens to keep intelligence agencies in check
  • Sustainability of whistleblower systems: volunteering and funding
  • The audience of SecureDrop: investigative journalists
  • User research to understand how journalists communicate with their sources and how to help them better protect anonymity and confidentiality
  • Source protection legislation around the world and how to participate to make it better
  • Progressive learning of security concepts as a precondition to effectively preserve communication confidentiality
  • The importance of upgrading from usable systems to high security systems
  • Localization: language and re-localization of software tool production
  • Building and empowering a horizontal community to sustain long term support

What do you think?