#CIJ Summer Conference, London, UK

SecureDrop presence

InfoSec Clinic

We expect good mix of both people working in large newsrooms and independent freelancers so the tools we recommend really depend on their particular environment and projects, of course.

It does get busy and we work on a drop in basis - so if someone comes up to you and you end up showing them how to install/use Signal, for example, we usually say to the other people on the table that I’m about to do a Signal install for encrypted messaging/VOIP on phones if anyone wants to join in.

Time slot Volunteer(s)
Thu. 28th, 09:00am 10:00am @silkie @dachary
Thu. 28th, 10:00am 11:00am @silkie @dachary
Thu. 28th, 11:00am 12:30am @silkie
Thu. 28th, 01:30pm 02:30pm @silkie @dachary
Thu. 28th, 02:30pm 03:30pm @silkie
Thu. 28th, 03:30pm 04:30pm @silkie @dachary
Thu. 28th, 04:30pm 05:30pm @silkie
Fri. 29th, 09:00am 10:00am @dachary @fabionatali
Fri. 29th, 10:00am 11:00am @fabionatali
Fri. 29th, 11:00am 12:30am @dachary @fabionatali
Fri. 29th, 01:30pm 02:30pm @fabionatali
Fri. 29th, 02:30pm 03:30pm @dachary
Fri. 29th, 03:30pm 04:30pm @fabionatali
Fri. 29th, 04:30pm 05:30pm @dachary @fabionatali
Sat. 30th, 09:00am 10:00am @dachary
Sat. 30th, 10:00am 11:00am @ei8fdb @fabionatali
Sat. 30th, 11:00am 12:30am @dachary @fabionatali
Sat. 30th, 01:00pm 02:00pm @ei8fdb @fabionatali
Sat. 30th, 02:00pm 03:30pm @dachary
Sat. 30th, 03:00pm 04:30pm @ei8fdb @fabionatali
Sat. 30th, 04:00pm 05:30pm @dachary @fabionatali

General information about the event

Registration page for the event and other general purpose information


We are invited to organize an infosec clinic and give a talk. More details in the following weeks.

@ei8fdb do you plan to attend?

I’ve been before but I hadn’t intended on this years. However, if there’s an opportunity I will be there.

Do include me in any organising. Is there anyone else going?

I don’t know but I’ll ask around.

Will do ! :tada:

If it helps, I can help with the clinic and/or talk.

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For the record, here is the talk description that was submitted & accepted:

  • title: Get your secure leak platform today
  • description: Investigative journalists should maintain a secure communication channel for exchanging information and documents with their sources. You may think that such channels are difficult and expensive to set up and operate, but the contrary is true: it is simple and cheap. If all you understand about security is that HTTPS is a good thing, there is something for you … and it will be more secure than systems designed for receiving classified documents. Sounds like a paradox? Think about what happens when you are forced to use a password so complex no human being can remember it. It will end up being written on a sticker next to your keyboard, no longer providing any kind of security. After you learn more about security, 2FA, E2E, live systems, etc., familiarize yourself with practical solutions for applying these skills and activating stronger protection. Eventually, you will be able and equipped to protect the next Edward Snowden and save us all from George Orwell’s worst nightmare.
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Sounds interesting. I wonder if there is a possibility of an extra space for me?

We have the Infosec clinic to organize together. I’m still unsure about the details and sent a mail asking the organizers where they want us to do that, for how long, etc.

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@Inna @Fabrice if you happen to be in London at this time. It is a long shot but … who knows :wink:

The InfoSec clinic descriptions reads contact us with any specific questions beforehand.. What about adding a link to this forum thread or any other way people could use to contact us?

@fabionatali do you have updates regarding the Wifi situation and t-shirts, printed signage? If not I’d be happy to ping Tom about that :wink:

Hi @dachary.

  • [WIFI] I have a portable 4G hotspot that I tested with Tor - it works; I brought it to Tom the other day with the idea that he should be able to buy a SIM card from the same phone company; Tom should get back to us in a few days
  • [WIFI] I was also thinking of setting up a spare machine as a backup hotspot (via a WIFI dongle) but I’m not sure I can make it on Thu, so it’s good to have the 4G hotspot working
  • [T-shirts] No idea about the T-shirts, sorry :frowning_face:
  • [Signage] Tom should be able to print the posters we reviewed together, 2 copies for each page - we discussed this the other day, so it should be fine

Maybe worth to touch base on Mon and see if there’s any progress on the points above or anything else is needed?

On another note, I didn’t have the time to organise anything in terms of workshops, but happy to discuss this next week if you like.

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Sure! I’ll also be available to help if you setup something. There are not many of us for the infosec clinic though, how can we keep the table busy if there is a workshop ?

This morning I exercised the risk assessment document with a French journalist, to get familiar with it. Did @tom mention that there will be a few hard copy of this one and the Information Security for Journalists as well?

@tom I would proudly wear a CIJ t-shirt, even second hand :stuck_out_tongue:

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