Cloud resources for contributors


Contributors willing to participate in the development of the ansible repository will be given access to a dedicated OpenStack cloud which they can use to run integration tests (i.e. molecule test -s postfix etc.).

The OpenStack credentials provided to the contributor come in two formats. An file which can be used with the openstack CLI:


# To use an Openstack cloud you need to authenticate against keystone, which
# returns a **Token** and **Service Catalog**.  The catalog contains the
# endpoint for all services the user/tenant has access to - including nova,
# glance, keystone, swift.
# *NOTE*: Using the 2.0 *auth api* does not mean that compute api is 2.0.  We
# will use the 1.1 *compute api*
export OS_AUTH_URL=

# With the addition of Keystone we have standardized on the term **tenant**
# as the entity that owns the resources.
export OS_TENANT_ID=062de76320c444e59c1633394dd36c16
export OS_TENANT_NAME="5347165894383271"

# In addition to the owning entity (tenant), openstack stores the entity
# performing the action as the **user**.
export OS_USERNAME="KtDQgYhVf45"

# With Keystone you pass the keystone password.
#echo "Please enter your OpenStack Password: "
export OS_PASSWORD=mBfN5Vb9TC3KAHVNf44Fujdn58Pwzm6

# If your configuration has multiple regions, we set that information here.
# OS_REGION_NAME is optional and only valid in certain environments.
# Don't leave a blank variable, unset it if it was empty
if [ -z "$OS_REGION_NAME" ]; then unset OS_REGION_NAME; fi

and a cloud.yml file to be used by molecule that must be installed at the root of the ansible repository:

      auth_url: "" # OS_AUTH_URL
      project_name: "8453529890995299" # OS_TENANT_NAME
      username: "KtDQgYhVf45" # OS_USERNAME
      password: "mBfN5Vb9TC3KAHVNf44Fujdn58Pwzm6" # OS_PASSWORD
    region_name: "DE1" # OS_REGION_NAME