Code of Conduct Ratification

Hey everyone.

After some collaboration and debate, we have a version of the CoC that is ready for ratification. The full text can be found here (commit 96acce2 for reference). The discussion is in this thread if you are curious.

This isn’t a final document for all time, and we will always work to improve it. That said, we would like to see a version get out and start being used in SecureDrop community spaces. Before we make that first leap, I would like everyone to look it over and see if they feel this CoC is sufficient.

Please select one of the options to let us know if we should ratify this CoC.

  • Yes, this CoC addresses the community’s needs and is acceptable for a first iteration.
  • No, this CoC does not address the community’s needs and is unacceptable for a first iteration.

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(where “community’s needs” is loosely: a document that attempts to prevent harm and help those who have been harmed)

If this is unacceptable, you can leave feedback here or email me if you would like something added anonymously.

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Thanks @heartsucker for actively moving this forward! :slight_smile: The poll has been open for a week and stands at 100%; shall we proceed to implement the code of conduct?

Once ratified, I would like to reiterate that I believe the code should be added as to the SecureDrop repository at so that we benefit from GitHub’s integration. I believe the language of the code makes it sufficiently clear that this is a community code (rather than an FPF document), but I’d be happy to add further qualifiers if needed.

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Pole closed as per @eloquence