Contact the Guardian securely

IMHO this questionnaire is not useful because:

  • people who are able to answer it already know how they want to communicate with The Guardian
  • the majority of people will not be able to choose between confidential and anonymous and are likely to choose randomly

I believe a communication channel is secure if the persons using it (journalist and source) understands how it works. So if someone has classified information but does not understand how SecureDrop works, they won’t be able to use it securely. For instance if someone like Mr Albury understood why SecureDrop requires Tor to protect their anonymity by hiding where they connect from, they would also know that accessing the documents from their work account comprises their anonymity.

At this point in time I also believe that all people who understand the level of security that SecureDrop provides also know about SecureDrop. There is no need to lead them to finding SecureDrop with a questionnaire, they will look for SecureDrop because they already know about it.