Docker error in make dev - unable to find image / pull access denied

Hello, I’d like to contribute to the project and am setting up the development environment in an Ubuntu 18.04 VM.

I have installed Docker CE and followed the post-installation steps for Linux. I have confirmed I can run $ docker run hello-world without sudo.

When running make dev I get the following error:

jul@securedrop-dev:~/securedrop/securedrop$ make dev
docker run \
	-p8080:8080 -p8081:8081 \
	-v /home/jul/securedrop/securedrop:/app \
	--rm \
	-ti securedrop-test:2350afb6d456dd278847159b54c77723de850c5d \
Unable to find image 'securedrop-test:2350afb6d456dd278847159b54c77723de850c5d' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for securedrop-test, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied.
See 'docker run --help'.
Makefile:37: recipe for target 'dev' failed
make: *** [dev] Error 125

Any tip as to what I might have done wrong?



You’ll hate hearing this, but I just followed the instructions in an Ubuntu 18.04 VM (created with virt-manager on a Debian host) and everything worked.

Are you working at the latest revision on the develop branch? That make dev output does not look current and correct, but perhaps it was just formatting errors from pasting it here. You might just double-check that your fork and local repo are up to date.

Hi @rmol, thanks for the quick response. The issue was indeed because I was working from the master branch. I checked-out the develop branch and all is fine now.

It is so trivial I’m a bit ashamed of not having checked that first…

Note that the Setting Up the Development Environment section of the docs does not specify which branch to use and some other projects I know (e.g scikit-learn) work directly from the master branch. Maybe mentioning the branch in this sections could be helpful.

Thanks again!

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I’m glad it was that easy to correct. That’s a good point about the docs; master is more common and we should highlight this difference more. I know when I started working on SecureDrop I still had a habit of checking out master and would occasionally trip over this.