ELU605 Ecologie du logiciel / Software Ecology

Bonjour Telecom Bretagne!

Welcome to the SecureDrop forum :slight_smile: We are a few weeks away from working together on a Free Software contribution to the SecureDrop project. I will ask you a few very simple things before we meet in person on April 25th, 2018.

  • Introduce yourself in this forum by starting a thread in the development category of this forum. There is no need to include any personal detail, it is fine if you just explain what your skills are, what you are currently learning at Telecom Bretagne, etc.
  • Add your name (or pseudo) to the course etherpad with the URL to the thread you started
  • Make yourself an account to access the project code.

Next week I will tell you more about what we’re going to accomplish together.


Note: related ELU605 internal post

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@IMT thanks for updating the course etherpad and welcome :slight_smile: I created a few bugs for you to fix. You will see that they are really easy: this is just to get you started. Nothing prevents you from picking more complicated one afterwards.

As a last step before we meet next week, I will ask that you assign yourself exactly one issue from the list. Right now you cannot assign yourself an issue because you’re not part of the project. You should add a link to your profile in the the course etherpad, right after the link you already added to the introductory message you wrote. If you account name is ABC, the URL of your profile is https://lab.securedrop.club/ABC. For instance my profile is https://lab.securedrop.club/dachary

@IMT a gentle reminder about the need to update the course padd as instructed above

@IMT you are kindly invited to join the SecureDrop chat to get help with your contribution. I’ll be available every day to assist you and answer your questions.

The link in the above message was https://lab.securedrop.club/main/securedrop-club/issues instead of https://lab.securedrop.club/main/securedrop/issues, my apologies for the confusion and thanks @fmgonsalves for reporting this bug!

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@IMT I’m available online to help with the work that was assigned to you

You are expected to complete a contribution of your own as well as the group contribution and send me the report (by mail) for which you have a template in the course pad.

Today is the last day that is dedicated to this activity in your class calendar. However you have until May 30th, 2018 midnight to send the report (by mail).

@IMT please note that I’m off duty tomorrow Wednesday May 30th all day. I will however review the mails you send me the next day.

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