Full backup of securedrop.club



For the record I have a full backup of the securedrop.club infrastructure as of today. Just in case it is needed for disaster recovery :slight_smile:

  • securedrop-club-2018-08-15-ansible-host (~3.6GB)
  • securedrop-club-2018-08-15-weblate-host (~7.4GB)
  • securedrop-club-2018-08-15-gitlab-host (~23GB)
  • securedrop-club-2018-08-15-packages-host (~10GB)



We just wrapped up the backup story after migrating the server to a different provider. Rather than server snapshots, we’re encrypting the Discourse-generated tarballs for a database restore and storing those in S3. So far so good! Thanks for all your help throughout the migration, @dachary!