Funding the infrastructure


The cost of operating the infrastructure is currently around 150 euros per month. This includes:

It would be good if people who value the service provides could participate by giving money dedicated to paying the operation costs. A new money pool service was recently announced by playpal. I started using it to finance the infrastructure of another project and it is working fine. In a nutshell it goes like this:

  • Alice creates a pool with her paypal account
  • Alice pool is advertised in the documentation as a mean to participate
  • Every month or so Alice
    • tranferts the money remaining in the pool in her paypal account
    • pays the bills with her paypal account
    • updates the account page of the documentation to keep track of the expenses
  • Someone reading the documentation can check that the total amount in the money pool matches the accounting page and send a bug report if it does not


Any chance we could find a sponsor for the infrastructure part? Perhaps it’s unlikely to find a hosting provider wiling to provide free infrastructure, but I’ve seen a few (like AWS) provide free credits to nonprofit organizations.

Not sure about free software projects though.

That’s worth a shot: I’ll ask people at OVH how they feel about offering cloud credit. Good idea !

Another possibilty is but I don’t know how much work it is to set it up. It could be self hosted and is based on Free Software. may also be an option.

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I’m not familiar with how they work, did you use them ?

No. I only know via requires a GitHub account, meaning the account is bound to GitHub which does not strike me as a good idea.

Did you got some OVH’s answer?

Nothing so far. Fingers crossed :wink:

We use Opencollective to help fund AFAIK yes the code is Open Source but they are hosted centrally.

I’m happy to contribute some British bucks.

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So, I went ahead and created a librepay to pay for the resources used by the SecureDrop community, which is currently just the infrastructure. Please let me know if that works :slight_smile:

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Well, not surprisingly nothing happened and nobody donate. It does not magically happen :slight_smile: I’m going to ask people here and there in the hope some of them will consider participating. Any ideas you may have to better advertise the SecureDrop hosting fund would be most welcome!

I guess we have to speak about it, writing about it on the web, etc. I will conclude my next talk by mentionning it.

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I did register for LibrePay but after spending about 20 mins trying to figure it out, and ending up being confused by it, I needed a break.

I’ll try to log in again and donate some dinero.

I have some contacts in some hosting companies. I can ask them for some donations? They’re companies based in France, UK, and Ireland.

We’re using OpenStack as an API and any public cloud compatible would be very useful. It’s worth asking, absolutely :sunny: